Honeycomb Steel Round Patio Table

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Outdoor spaces are incomplete without seating for people to enjoy it. The Honeycomb Steel Round Patio Table provides seating in a mobile form that can change with the needs of your patrons. The table itself is supported by eight legs giving it extra balance and support. Even more support is present with the x-shaped brace between the legs at the bottom. The center-most point of this additional brace is designed to hold an umbrella; like the Promenade-Style Umbrella or the Cafe-Style Umbrella. The perforated top allows liquids to find their way away from the surface of the table.

Product Highlights:

  • Added support between each leg pair
  • 46-inch diameter to seat 4 to 6 people comfortably
  • Multiple coating colors available to match your venue
  • Portable table that can be moved but the weight to stay in place

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Industry Standard, Advantage