Honeycomb Steel Round Patio Table with Seats


The Honeycomb Steel Round Patio Table with Seats is a complete outdoor furniture set which allows you to move conversations and meals outside. Take advantage of the fresh air and your outdoor location by spending time there sharing drinks, meals, conversations, games with friends. The table’s clever design includes four seats, which branch off from the center. The table, seats, and pattern of perforated holes in the metal all have circular shapes, giving it a highly unified and charming appearance. Since the seats are connected to the portable base of the table, the whole lightweight structure can easily be moved at once without the need to make trips.


Product Highlights:

  • Comfortable distance between seats and table
  • Galvanized steel frame is built to handle daily use
  • Full circular metal support for table between the legs
  • One piece of furniture that has four seats and a table

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Industry Standard, Advantage