Honeycomb Steel Rooted Picnic Table


A picnic table is a place where people gather together to eat, converse and share. The Honeycomb Steel Rooted Picnic Table offers the maximum amount of space for that with its single pedestal design. The entirety of the table is supported by the 4-inch galvanized steel post with 3-inch posts connecting the benches to it. This means people can walk in and out the table easily to sit down and the area underneath both table and benches is clear. A busy college campus could have 8 students happily sitting at the table studying and eating with their bags under the seats. For some people they can pull their feet under the seat easily without running into a post. No matter where the table is used, you can be assured that it will last because of the MyTCoat finishes that make our tables resistant to weather.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


In-ground, Surface