Honeycomb Steel Portable Square Table


The Honeycomb Steel Portable Square Table is an excellent outdoor table which can be used anywhere, for any purpose. Its portable base makes it highly mobile, allowing it to be easily be dragged or carried from place to place by one or two people. However, it is still has enough weight that it will stay where it is placed and it has enough structural strength from the galvanized steel frame as to not be flimsy. Its wide square surface leaves space for plenty of dishes and plenty of people during outdoor meals or study sessions. The table is coated in a layer of our protective thermoplastic, which not only guards the metal against scratches and water damage, but also offers you the opportunity to customize your seats and table top with a variety of different colors. Choose between our Industry Standard coating, which will keep the table nice for years to come or Advantage which is even hardier than our already noteworthy Industry Standard.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, ADA Accessible, 2, ADA Accessible