Honeycomb Steel Portable Picnic Table


The whole point of picnics is bringing food outside so that you can pick the nicest spot you can find to enjoy it. Shouldn’t your picnic table be able to move right to that spot? With the Honeycomb Steel Portable Picnic Table, convenient and durable outdoor dining furniture can go with you to wherever you need it. The portable base allows it to easily be dragged along the ground by one person, or lifted at each end and carried by two. And since the two bench pieces are attached, there is no need to make multiple trips. The tops of the seats and table are made from durable commercial-grade steel with a lively pattern of round holes cut into it, which make the table more lightweight and help it to stay dry. The metal is coated with our soft but strong thermoplastic, which protects the metal, insulates it from rain and high temperatures. Choose a vibrant color of your choice from their wide selection.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 8 feet, ADA single overhang, 8 feet, ADA double overhang, 10 feet