Honeycomb Steel Multi-Rooted Picnic Table


The Honeycomb Steel Multi-Rooted Picnic Table is a wonderful outdoor picnic table with a robust and minimalist design. Rather than a needlessly complex framework, this bench has two large square columns at each end of its table and two benches. The design of the framework leaves the entire area under the middle of the table and benches clear, creating the maximum possible amount of leg space and optional areas to place bags. The Honeycomb Steel Multi-Rooted Picnic Table comes in either a six or eight-foot long with additional ADA accessible models. In the ADA accessible models, the square columns are placed closer to the middle of the table, to allow wheelchair users to pull right under the overhang. There is a choice between one large area on one end of the table for a wheelchair user or two spaces with slightly less room.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


6 feet, 8 feet, 8 feet, ADA single overhang, 8 feet, ADA double overhang


In-ground, Surface