Honeycomb Steel Bonded Round Table With Smooth Top


The Honeycomb Steel Bonded Round Table with Smooth Top from MyTCoat, with its solid spun metal top, is a great option for outdoor dining areas. The round shape puts the food within everyone’s reach, while the 46-inch diameter provides plenty of room for every dish and every plate for every guest. The bonded framework design reinforces every seat by connecting them to the 4-inch sturdy steel central post, thus avoiding those seats degrading into annoying, unstable benches. The seats have plenty of space between them to allow guests to effortlessly settle down for the meal or get up afterward. If you want even more room, simply choose the two- or three-seat table option. This table can be mounted on most surfaces, thanks to the in-ground and surface mount options. Finally, with many custom colors to choose from, you can match the color scheme of just about any restaurant or outdoor establishment.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, ADA Accessible, 2, ADA Accessible


In-ground, Surface