Honeycomb Steel Bonded Picnic Table


The Honeycomb Steel Bonded Picnic Table by MyTCoat has a large rectangular shape which makes it great for big gatherings and meals. It has four built-in seats, which can each accommodate a lot of hungry people. Rather than one long bench on each side, this table uses pairs of smaller benches. This makes it much easier for people to slide in and out of their seats. There is even extra room at both ends of the table for additional chairs to be brought in if necessary. The bonded framework supports each individual bench, as well as the table, making the whole thing quite sturdy despite its size. Additionally, the honeycomb design makes it easy to clean up spills and to dry after it rains. Set up a stable table out in the grass with the in-ground mount or set it right on the ground with the surface mount.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


In-ground, Surface