Honeycomb Steel Bonded Octagon Table


Bring everyone together for a good meal and a good time with MyTCoat’s Honeycomb Steel Bonded Octagon Table. With this table, every seat is supported by its own column which then connects to the central beam in the middle. This makes for well-supported seats that do not wobble and an overall sturdy and symmetrical design that is incredibly robust. Each of these supports can either be securely cemented into the ground with the in-ground mount or bolted to the top of it with the surface mount. This table isn’t just about stability. Its width allows it to offer plenty of space for activities, and the lack of sharp corners makes it safer for children to be around. Beyond that, the table is also very customizable. Choose anywhere from two to four seats, as well as the strength of your coating and the color you prefer.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, ADA Accessible, 2, ADA Accessible


In-ground, Surface