Honeycomb Steel Ashtray Pylon

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The Honeycomb Steel Ashtray Pylon by MyTCoat is a great way to keep cigarette butts from littering your area. Cigarettes in your public space aren’t just unsightly, they can be a health risk. With this ashtray, all your visitors will breathe easier and enjoy the clean look of the area. Smokers won’t be unduly inconvenienced either, since this attractive ashtray is very visible and easy to access. Beyond style, the pylon is also highly sturdy and stable, keeping the tray upright and steady, even in rough weather. Color and coating choices allow you to really make this ashtray your own.This ashtray is also available in other styles, as the Standard Metal Ashtray Pylon and the Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon.

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