Half Moon Climber



The Half Moon Climber is a simple but wonderful addition to any playground, which functions as both a ladder climber and an overhead ladder. Unlike a typical overhead climber, this shape allows children to climb on top of the bars or hang underneath them like gibbons. They arch is also a great imaginative outlet for youngsters who might pretend it is a gateway, or a bridge over a treacherous ravine. The space below the arch can serve as a finish line, while the space on top of it is being used as a vantage point for other kids to watch the race. The climber is six feet tall at its pinnacle after installation, making it perfectly safe for use by children aged 5 – 12 when surrounded by protective playground surfacing. It comes standard with a powder coat of bright red paint baked on at high temperatures to ensure maximum adhesion. However, other colors are also available for a slight upcharge.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years


2' x 9' 6"

Use Zone:

14' x 21' 6"

Product Highlights:

Gracefully arched climber Play areas are both above and below Encourages work on core and arm strength Select a color to work with your play area