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Designed for children ages 5-12, Watch the world revolve around you with the Grip and Spin. With this playground accessory children can grip to the elevated umbrella shaped bars and use their body weight, in conjunction with gravity to spin around in circles around the pole. This structure can comfortably fit up to five children. So the more the merrier as they can work together to make the bars twirl around. This accessory is coated in a blue coating for the pole and a red color for the bars. Being coated in these primary colors makes it attractive for any kid and will fit well in any playground setting. This structure is built to be sturdy as it is mounted in-ground on a firm 4-½-inch pole. This item is ideal for children between the ages of five and twelve meaning older kids are not suggested to play on this structure as it can cause it to bend or break. With that in mind, with proper use this Grip and Spin will last for years in your playground without cracking or rusting.

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5 – 12 years

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