Grand Rapids


Welcome to a play structure that is pure in its fun, welcome to the Grand Rapids play structure. The Grand Rapids play structure takes what you think you know about play structures and throws it out the window. Children can use a pebble climber instead of stairs to access the structure (although the structure is still accessible by stairs), and instead of a platform an arch bridge connects two elevated platforms, and a tube bridge connects to a third. A rock hole climber and an inverted arch climber connect to the second and third platform, and there’s a wave slide children can slide down. Instead of plain safety barriers, a maze panel and a periscope panel border an elevated platform. A standing orbital spinner that juts out of the play structure gives the Grand Rapids play structure another exciting twist. A ship’s wheel, a rain wheel, and a store panel make this structure ADA compliant. This play structure is designed for children between 5 and 12 years old.