Children will enter a world of fun and adventure on the Goleta play structure. Four elevated platforms make up this structure; three connect from a sea creature climber and ascend to a double slide. From this platform stairs lead down to the ground, or up to the fourth platform that has a right turn slide, wave slide, and left turn slide attached to it. Children can also access the Goleta play structure by a lilly pad bridge, which connects to a curved overhead swinging rung ladder. To get on to the curved overhead swinging rung ladder children can use pebble steps. Parallel sliding rails connect to the circle of the curved overhead swinging rung ladder. A tic tac toe panel borders one of the elevated platforms, and a drum, a ship’s wheel, a store panel, and a rain wheel found on the ground level make this play structure ADA compliant. This play structure is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.