Get Physical Series Twisted Net Climber

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The Twisted Net Climber will challenge children in the best way possible for them to build, improve, and develop certain skills. These skills are strength, coordination, and balance. The rope that makes up the net climber is strong and durable, and it is designed to move with children as children play on the net climber. This movement adds an additional element of fun to the net climber. The frame of the net climber is made of galvanized steel that is powder coated, and the poles of the frame are topped with rotationally molded plastic toppers. The Twisted Net Climber can be used to accessorize any preexisting park or playground, or it can be used in combination with other Get Physical playground components to create a customized playground. This climber is designed to be played on by children who are between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, and it has a fall height of 8 feet.