Get Physical Series Tilted Pebble Bridge


Tilt the scale in your direction with the Tilted Pebble Bridge. Designed specifically to improve children’s balance, the pebble steps are tilted to add an extra challenge as children try to cross the bridge. This tilt will also cause children to focus on their center of balance and how weight shifts affect their balance, therefore teaching children important lessons in balance. For added safety, the pebble steps are textured to add traction and prevent falls and injury. The pebble steps are also connected to the frame with galvanized steel, powder coated poles that children can hold on for balance and support. The Tilted Pebble Bridge can be used to accessorize any preexisting park or playground, or used in combination with other Get Physical playground components to create a customized playground. This bridge is designed for children who are between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, and has a fall height of 8 feet.