Get Physical Series S-Balance Bridge



The S-Balance Bridge is a simple, yet deceptively challenging playground activity which makes an excellent addition to any playground or structure. This is no ordinary balance beam. The rounded and wavy S-shaped bar at the bottom would be nearly impossible to cross without holding onto the upper bar for stability. The upper bar is set at an ideal height for it to be within comfortable reach for kids crossing the bridge, and makes it almost impossible to fall off. So where does the challenge come from? The difficulty with having a wavy balance bridge and a straight top rail is that kids will have to reach under the bar with their feet as it curves towards the opposite side of the rail. No matter which side of the railing kids hang on to, or which side of the bridge they start at, about half of the bridge will be on the opposite side of the rail. Kids will have to use cleverness, as well as agility, to navigate this obstacle.