Get Physical Series Chain Climbing Wall


Nothing can beat a classic, which is why the Chain Climbing Wall is such a popular choice of playground component. Although it looks simple, children will love spending hours climbing up and down, and playing on this simply classic climbing wall. Climbing walls offer great opportunity for exercise for children, and will help to get them and keep them in shape. Not only this, but they help to develop children’s coordination skills, and help improve children’s strength and coordination. Since the rungs are connected by chains, the climbing wall will move as children shift their weight during climbing, creating an additional challenge for the children. Children love a challenge, and will enjoy trying to overcome and conquer the additional challenge of the chains. The Chain Climbing Wall can be used to accessorize an already existing playground, or used in combination with other Get Physical components to create a customized playground. It is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. It has a fall height of 8 feet.