Get Physical Series Arch Rope Bridge

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The Arch Rope Bridge will make children feel like they’re crossing a precarious bridge over a dangerous gorge or canyon. In reality, this bridge is about as safe and durable as it gets. Although one end is wider than the other, providing a bit more difficulty, either side can be used as an entrance or exit. The Arch Rope Bridge makes a great addition to any play structure or obstacle course. Children can attempt to crawl across the tops of the ropes without touching the ground, or they can cross it by stepping in between the ropes. Either way, they can challenge themselves to try to cross the bridge as quickly as they can. The metal components are made from galvanized steel, and can be ordered with a long-lasting powder coat paint in a variety of exciting colors. Be sure to contact one of our skilled playground sales professionals to request any information about color options, installation, or safety.