Get Physical Series 4-feet Boulder Climber


Make your park or playground rock with this Boulder Climber, which children will absolutely love. The textured design of this climber makes it look like a real boulder and will capture children’s imaginations. Children will love to pretend that they are conquering mountains and molehills as they climb this rotationally molded climber. Not only will this climber exercise children’s imaginations, but it will also exercise children’s bodies. Playing on it will help children develop their body strength and improve their agility. The climber is also designed with to have step-like levels leading up to the top of the climber, making it easy and safe for children to play and climb on. You can use the Boulder Climber to accessorize an already existing park or playground, or in combination with other Get Physical playground components to create your own customize playground. This climber is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 to enjoy, and has a fall height of 4 feet.