Get Physical Gamma Fitness Course


Designed for children ages 5-12, The third of four fitness courses, the Get Physical Gamma Fitness Course expands on the previous two designs. This fitness course features twelve elements for kids to climb, spin, bounce, and slide. This design has two floating tunnel climbers, a leaf climber, an angle climber, side winder slide, saddle slide, spin and slide, wiggle walk, cup spinner, pods, button bouncer, and a surf bouncer. These elements are designed so that kids can travel along the structure without having to put their feet down! The layout of the structure is a t-shape, allowing several kids to play at once. The Get Physical Gamma Fitness Course comes in the colors shown, but can be customizable to fit your vision! Give us a call today!

Additional information

Age Range

5 – 12 years

Safety Zone

44' x 46'



Model Number