Gecko Grotto


The Gecko Grotto brings a world of adventures to your playground. Mostly enclosed, it will give children the sense they are explorers mapping out uncharted territory deep underground. After getting on the structure from a transfer station at one end, children have two long Tube Bridges to climb through. In the middle of those bridges is a large central tower topped with a detailed Hex Leaf Roof. This tower has exciting features all around, including a Ball Maze Panel, a Double Slide, and two climbers which can be used as an alternative way up or down. Best of all, there is another Tube Bridge which leads up to a Plinko Panel and a huge 76” Spiral Slide which is likely to be the pinnacle of the whole playground. On the ground level, there is a rain wheel and double drum, so kids can create rhythms to underscore their playtime. Installation options are available for Gecko Grotto.