Freestanding Pebble Sway Bridge



Designed for children ages 5-12, The Freestanding Pebble Sway Bridge is a unique and exciting new playground element. It challenges children to cross from one side to the other by stepping across the pebble platforms. Kids who expect the trip to be easy will be in for a surprise. The pebble platforms are built to sway back and forth, making it difficult to step from one to the next. And once they start moving, they can be hard to slow back down. Fortunately, each pebble has raised studs to offer better traction, and children can hang on tight to the pole running through each pebble to keep their balance. Once children learn to carefully step across the pebbles without moving them, the trip becomes easier. Of course, they don’t necessarily have to cross the bridge at all, and some children will prefer simply swinging back and forth on the pebble pendulums. Fortunately, our sturdy design is made to withstand all kinds of play.

Additional information

Age Range

5 – 12 years

Safety Zone

16' 2" x 20'



Model Number