Freestanding Gear Panel with Posts


Add some fun and education to your play area with the Freestanding Gear Panel. Children will love looking at the panel and turning the gears, trying to figure out how it works. They will learn some basics about mechanics and enjoy watching the colorful gears spin. They can learn at their own pace and experiment by turning the gears fast or slow. The Freestanding Gear Panel is supported by two 3.5 inch posts and can be placed anywhere in your structure. The posts and panel themselves are both available in a wide variety of colors to match any playground theme you may have. The Freestanding Gear Panel is just one of many panels offered on to enhance your design. Tic-Tac-Toe, mazes, benches and other panels are available as well to provide a wide variety of entertainment for children. The Freestanding Gear Panel is made for ages 2-12 and is built to withstand all elements.

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Model Number


Age Range

2 – 12 years

Post Diameter


Safety Zone

None required