Freestanding Finger Maze Panel with Posts


Challenge your children’s minds while adding a little luster to your playground with the Freestanding Finger Maze Panel. The panel will challenge a child’s ability to follow a point from beginning to end, and distinguish paths from each other, while also testing their reasoning skills. The maze is hard enough to be a challenge but easy enough for anyone to solve. It also looks pretty, with its flower design adding a garden or nature feel to your play area. The two 3.5 inch posts supporting its frame, and the durable plastic used mean it will be engaging the minds of children for years to come. The Freestanding Finger Maze Panel is available in the colors shown, and be used individually or with another play set. Contact one of our playground representatives if you need help or information while designing your play structure. They have years of experience, and will be able to give you great suggestions.

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Model Number


Age Range

2 – 12 years

Post Diameter


Safety Zone

None required