Freestanding Double Pebble Sway Bridge



Designed for children ages 5-12, The Freestanding Double Pebble Sway Bridge is a new style of playground activity that kids are bound to love. These innovative pebble platforms are designed to sway back and forth when stepped on, making it difficult to step from one pebble to the next. The platforms have non-slip surfaces and vertical poles for children to hold onto. The challenge is not staying on, but stepping across while the pebbles are still in motion. This model contains two rows of platforms, which offers a large number of advantages over a single row. First, multiple children can use this bridge at once, even going in opposite directions. In fact, multiple users just means more swinging movements and fun. If a child just wants to enjoy swinging back and forth on a pendulum, they can do so without preventing other children from crossing. The second row of steps also allows children to move from left to right, or use both sides at once to make the trip easier.

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16' 2" x 20'



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