Free Standing Straight Tube Slide (3 Deck Heights)


The Free Standing Straight Tube Slide is a fun and familiar piece of playground equipment. The use of an enclosed tube makes the slide especially safe while giving kids the exhilarating feeling of sliding through a dark tunnel. The slide is made from highly durable rotationally molded plastic with a smooth finish to prevent friction so that kids can move down it quickly. At the bottom of the slide it opens up and slopes more gently so that they will slow down and come to a safe stop. Six foot, seven foot, and eight foot tall models are available (measured from the ground to the floor of the top deck), so you can find the perfect slide to suit your available space, budget, and desired level of excitement. It can also be ordered with a variety of different color options for the plastic slide and painted metal components.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years


6 foot deck height (4' x 18' 2"), 7 foot deck height (4' x 20' 4"), 8 foot deck height (4' x 22' 7")

Use Zone:

6 foot deck height (16' x 30' 2"), 7 foot deck height (18' x 33' 4"), 8 foot deck height (20' x 36' 7")

Product Highlights:

Safe for ages 2 – 12 Strong galvanized steel support posts along stairs, deck, and length of slide Protective handrails along stairs and deck Perforated deck and stairs with PVC coating to prevent slipping and water buildup


6 foot deck height, 7 foot deck height, 8 foot deck height