Free Standing Percussion Panel



Designed for children ages 2-12, The Free Standing Percussion Panel features a beautifully detailed circular insert with numerous ways for kids to have fun making sounds. There is a row of hollow plastic drums which produce a range of pitches when young musicians slap them with their hands. The panel also includes a pair of spheres which can be spun to create a rattling sound much like a rain stick. The faster they are spun, the louder the sound gets. Older children or musical prodigies can compose simple rhythms and musical patterns, while children as young as two years can simply enjoy making a variety of raucous noises. The panel is composed of highly durable rotationally molded plastic, making it one of the few musical instruments that kids can be somewhat rough with without risk of it breaking. The Percussion Panel is a great way for kids to burn off excess energy while also exercising their creativity.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 12 years

Child Capacity


Fall Height

3' 8"



Model Number