Free Standing Double Wave Slide (2 Deck Heights)


The Free Standing Double Wave Slide is an iconic structure featuring dual side-by-side chutes with a wavy shape for added fun. The top deck of this slide is wider than that of most single slides to enable two children to line up at the top at the same time. This allows them to challenge each other and race to the bottom. The two slides are made from a single piece of rotationally molded plastic, which makes them very sturdy and easily capable of supporting two sliders at once. The wave shape also adds a bit of fun to the slides by causing kids to speed up and slow down at different points, rather than consistently picking up speed like they would with a straight slide. The double wave slide can be ordered with either a four or five foot deck height, so that you can choose the one that best suits your specific playground needs.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years


4 foot deck height (4' 4" x 12' 1"), 5 foot deck height (4' 4" x 16' 8")

Use Zone:

4 foot deck height (16' 4" x 24' 1"), 5 foot deck height (16' 4" x 28' 8")

Product Highlights:

A variety of color options are available for plastic and painted metal components Designed for preschool and grade school aged kids Metal handrails secured along the deck and stairs Great for children of all ages


4 foot deck height, 5 foot deck height