Four Panel Learn-A-Lot


The Four Panel Learn-A-Lot is a great learning tool for kids ages 6 months to 2 years. The perfect piece for daycare centers, children can use this multisensory tool to improve their motor skills while having fun. The Playful Color Scheme is pictured with predominately reds and yellows, there are also green and blue accents which can help teach about colors. A natural color scheme is available with mainly greens and tans. Shapes and mechanisms offer excellent learning tools for the young ones. The Four Panel Learn-A-Lot can be arranged in a square or zig-zag pattern to fit just about any space.

Additional information

Age Range

6 to 23 months

Safety Zone

12’ 2” x 12’ 7”

Fall Height



Playful Color (Blue/Red/Yellow), Natural Color (Green/Tan)


Portable Mount (No Anchors), Surface Mount with Anchors, In-Ground Mount with Anchors