Five Hump Bike Rack for 11 Bikes

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For the maximum amount of bike storage from a single structure, the Five Hump Bike Rack for 11 Bikes is perhaps the best option available. Few locations will need ever need to accommodate more than 11 bikes at once, so after installing this bike rack you most likely won’t ever have to worry about getting more. It has a pleasant design with a long wavy shape that any cyclist will recognise and know how to use. Despite its extensive capacity, the rack only needs to be fastened to the ground on each of its ends, making it very easy to install without too much effort. All of our Five Hump Bike Racks use galvanized steel pipes with an outer diameter of 2-3/8 inches, making them extremely sturdy and resistant to most pipe cutters that vandals or bike thieves might attempt to use. They even have three different finishes to pick from.

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