Estate Flag Pole


Our Estate Flag Pole uses the external halyard system. This is the traditional method of raising and lowering the flag which is visible from the outside and is secured in place by wrapping around a cleat fastened to the shaft at 5 feet above grade. Estate flagpoles are ideal for home or small business locations.

* One halyard
* Revolving single sheave truck assembly
* Gold anodized aluminum ball top
* Chrome snaps hooks necessary to fly one flag
* Heavy duty (PVC) ground socket and installation instructions

While displaying your flag, our 15′ pole supports a max flag size of 3 x 5 feet., the 20′ pole supports a max flag size of 4 x 6 feet, and 25′ pole supports a max flag size of 5 x 8 feet.

Additional information

Wall Thickness

0.125 inches

Butt Diameter

3 Inches

Ball Diameter

3 Inches

Height Above Ground

15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet