Ellie Elephant


The Ellie Elephant play structure is a perfect structure for children of all ages to trample around on. Built on the same elevated level, the structure has three suspended platforms that sit at 48” and are connected by a covered bones bridge and tube bridge with window. Children can access this structure by a paw print climber attached to one of the platforms that make up the structure, or by a stump climber attached to another platform. If children don’t feel like scaling the climbers they can access the structure by stairs attached to the third and middle platform of the structure. The platform that has the paw print climber attached to it also has a double wave slide and wave slide attached that children can slide down. That platform with the stump climber has a tube slide and tic tac toe panel attached to it. A club house roof and gable roofs on the Ellie Elephant play structure provide shade for the children. This structure is designed for children 2-12 years of age.