Elite Series 3.5 inch Top Rail Heavy Duty Tripod Swing 8 Foot

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Our Elite Series of swings is affordable, easy to install, and built to last. This model features parts which are replaceable as well as east to put together, which makes maintenance and assembly simple and straightforward. For the same reason, additional bays can be added onto an existing swingset without much difficulty. We sell 8-feet tall swingsets with these specifications that come with one to four bays (which support two swings each), with or without the chains and seats included. If belt seats aren’t what you’re looking for, you can order it without them and purchase different seats from our website which better suit your needs. The top rail is made from an 8-gauge pipe with an outside diameter of 3.5 inches, allowing it to support a tremendous amount of weight without risk of sagging. There are 3 legs on each end of the set and two between each bay, providing a great amount of stability to the structure.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years

Use Zone:

1 Bay (32\' x 31\'); 2 Bays (32\' x 43\'); 3 Bays (32\' x 55\'); 4 Bays (32\' x 67\'); Dimensions using Belt Seats (Bucket Seats decrease the required space)

Product Highlights:

Legs: 13 gauge, 2.375-inch Outside Diameter Pipe Top Rails: 8 gauge, 3.5-inch Outside Diameter Pipe Bolt through installation is easy for DIY installs


1 Bay, 2 Belt Seats with Chain, 1 Bay, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only, 2 Bays, 4 Belt Seats with Chain, 2 Bays, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only, 3 Bays, 6 Belt Seats with Chain, 3 Bays, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only, 4 Bays, 8 Belt Seats with Chain, 4 Bays, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only