Elite Series 3.5 inch Top Rail Heavy Duty Tripod Swing 12 Foot

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The Elite Series 12 Foot Swing is our tallest in this product line, meaning it offers the greatest range of movement. Its height is supported on each end by three strong legs made from 13 gauge pipes with an outer diameter of 2-3/8 inches, as well as two additional legs in between each bay. This model can be ordered with up to four bays, which support two swings each. The straightforward design of these swings makes them easy to install or upgrade with additional bays as needed. They can also be ordered without the chains and seats attached, giving you the option of selecting your own ideal swings from our website. The top-rail of the swing is an incredibly strong 3-1/2 inch galvanized steel pipe, which is certain to support the weight of any swing or swingers without any significant strain. Our method of assembly involves putting a bolt all the way through the frame pipes, which makes these swings incredibly sturdy and easy to put together.

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Use Zone:

1 Bay (48 x 35); 2 Bays (48 x 47); 3 Bays (48 x 59); 4 Bays (48 x 71); Dimensions using Belt Seats (Bucket Seats decrease the required space)

Product Highlights:

Support leg piping specifications: 13 gauge 2-3/8" O.D. Galvanized top rail piping specifications: 8 gauge 3-1/2" O.D. Bolts easily place through pipe to secure frame fitting


1 Bay, 2 Belt Seats with Chain, 1 Bay, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only, 2 Bays, 4 Belt Seats with Chain, 2 Bays, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only, 3 Bays, 6 Belt Seats with Chain, 3 Bays, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only, 4 Bays, 8 Belt Seats with Chain, 4 Bays, No Seats or Chain, Frame with Hangers Only