Elementary Chinning Bars


Chinning Bars are a classic playground activity which helps kids develop their upper body strength. Kids can challenge themselves to complete as many chin-ups as possible. Not every child is able to do chin-ups, but that’s alright. Kids can practice simply by hanging on for as long as they can. This set includes three chinning bars, which are set at different heights. This way, every kid will have a bar that they can easily reach, and they also won’t have to worry about their feet dragging on the ground if the bar is too low. The bars have strong vertical support posts which keep them secure and upright. The supports are available in wood or metal.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years

Use Zone:

28\' 6" x 12\' 6" x 5\' 3"

Product Highlights:

Three different heights Classic piece of playground equipment to work on full body strength Children can slowly challenge themselves Encourages social play


Wood, Metal