Easy Rider Zebra



Designed for children ages 2-5, The Easy Rider Zebra is a wild adventure for any young boy or girl. It is mounted on a flexible spring which allows it to bounce and buck around like a real wild animal. The movements are powered by the child leaning back and forth, so the ride can be as gentle or as crazy as they make it. The zebra has a friendly appearance which children will immediately identify with and enjoy. It is actually made from an aluminum shell with carefully painted stripes, hair, and features. Kids love animals, and even when the Easy Rider Zebra is not in use, it will provide a great decorative addition to your playground. It is mounted on a highly durable spring, which can bend back and forth in a wide range, without any permanent warping.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 5 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

13' x 15'

Model Number