Double Tai Chi Hand Swing


Designed for Adult, With all the highly active, intense, and high impact fad workouts that are around today, it is important to take breaks every so often and give your body – and muscles – a relaxing workout. You can get this type of workout with the Double Station Tai Chi Hand Swing. Originally developed as a form of self-defense, tai chi now offers a stress reducing, low impact workout for people of all ages. Not only this, but tai chi also helps to improve balance and flexibility. Up to two people can use this piece of fitness equipment at a time. The frame is made out of a galvanized steel tube and it comes with stainless steel hardware. It is manufactured not to have sharp edges. The Double Station Tai Chi Hand Swing is made out of commercial grade material, and it has a tough powder coated finish that ensures maximum durability for years of outdoor use.

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4' 11"



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