Double Shoulder Rotation


Designed for Adult, The Double Shoulder Rotation is a great piece of fitness equipment if you wish to strengthen the muscles in your arms. It is important to work the muscles in your arm, especially if you want to prevent rotator cuff tears. It will also work the shoulder muscles that don’t always get the chance to be strengthened during everyday activities. The designers of this piece of fitness equipment are aware that working out alone makes it hard to motivate yourself, and it can be a dull and boring activity – that’s why they designed this piece of fitness equipment to accommodate up to two people at a time! The frame of this piece of fitness equipment is made from galvanized steel, and comes with stainless steel hardware. It is designed to be free of sharp edges. Since the Double Shoulder Rotation is designed to be used outdoors, it has a tough powder coated finished that gives it maximum durability, so it will last for a while.

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5' 8"



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