Double Retractors


Designed for Adult, Sometimes you need a workout that to improve and do simple things like correct posture and help ease pain. The Double Station Retractors is great for this. Sitting at a computer all day long often creates a rounded posture, and this can lead to shoulder and neck pain. Working out on the Double Station Retractors can help to improve posture, strengthen shoulder muscles – as well as warm up the shoulder and back muscles – and it also helps reduce rotator cuff pain. These are pains that can occur from simple every day actions, but this piece of fitness equipment helps to reduce that pain. It is manufactured not to have any sharp edges. The Double Station Retractors can be used by up to two people at once. Its frame is made from a galvanized steel frame tube. It has a tough powder coated finish that will provide maximum durability for years of outdoor use.

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9' 1"



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