Double Pommel Horse


Designed for Adult, The Double Pommel Horse is the perfect piece of outdoor fitness equipment to improve the strength of the bicep muscle. Biceps are important arm muscles that are used in lifting. You lift things every day, so these muscles are used daily. Since these muscles are moved every day, it is important to have strong bicep muscles. Along with helping to build and strengthen the bicep muscles, this piece of fitness equipment also provides a fun work out. Patrons can lift themselves with their arms to use it, and then swing their legs and bodies around for the workout. Up to two people can use this piece of outdoor fitness equipment at once. It is made with a galvanized steel frame and has stainless steel hardware. The way it has been manufactured ensures that there are no sharp edges. Since it is intended to be used outdoors, the Double Pommel Horse has a tough powder coated finish for long-lasting use.

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Age Range


Fall Height

3' 5"



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