Double Pendulum Swing with Leg Lift


The Double Pendulum Swing with Leg Lift is designed to last, ruggedly built with commercial grade material that makes the equipment perfect for outdoor use at parks. The equipment is to be used by individuals who are thirteen years of age and up. Seniors and adults can enjoy using this equipment and are considered our target market. The equipment is secured with either an in-ground or surface mount. The Double Pendulum Swing with Leg Lift works to strengthen hip flexors. Hip flexors are important to do everyday things like walking, climbing stairs, or any action that requires movement of the hip. This piece of adult fitness equipment is double-sided, so it allows for two individuals to use it at once. The leg lift positioned in-between the two pendulums is perfect for exercising your core muscles. The handles and back brace help support users while exercising.

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5' 3"



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