Discovery Hilltop Center 1 without Roof


The Discovery Center 1 without Roof can be used indoors and outdoors, and provides a simple solution to learning and playing at the same time. This piece of apparatus offers a wavy vine climb, that lets children climb to the platform, and then slide back down using the long slide. Children will also be able to improve their gross motor development and fine motor development, by climbing and maneuvering around the deck. Furthermore, at the top of the deck the children will be able to improve their numeracy and literacy skills using things like the TouchMath board that allows them to move and change numbers. There are also gear systems at the top that provide multi-sensory experiences, as well as stop children from falling from the top of the equipment.

Additional information

Age Range

2 to 5 years

Safety Zone

21' 2" x 22'

Fall Height

6' 8"


Play System with In-Ground Spikes, Play System with Surface Anchor Bolts, Play System with In-Ground Posts