Diamond Pattern Traditional Rectangular 4′ Bench without Back

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The Diamond Pattern Traditional Rectangular Bench without Back is as simple as it is convenient. This bench offers a simple and unobtrusive place to sit which is short enough that it does not get in the way or block out scenery. Eliminating the back of the bench also makes it so that people can access the bench from either side, and sit facing either direction. This makes it much better for open areas and the middle of wide pathways. The diamond grating pattern looks good and prevents moisture from collecting on the seat. It is available in four, six, eight, and ten foot lengths. This allows you the freedom to choose the length that best suits your available space, or even multiple smaller benches separated by receptacles or drinking fountains. It is also available with in-ground or surface mounting, for permanent installation on nearly any surface, or a portable mount which allows this lightweight bench to be moved around freely.

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