Diamond Pattern Traditional Rectangular Bench with Back

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If you want a durable bench that will look good no matter where you place it, then the Diamond Pattern Rectangular Bench may be the perfect option for you. This lightweight bench can be ordered with a portable mount, which allows it to easily be transported to wherever it is needed. Alternatively, it can be ordered with in-ground or surface mounting hardware, allowing it to be securely and permanently installed in a particular spot. Additionally, there are multiple sizes available, ranging from four to ten feet, allowing you to select the bench which best suits your available space or expected number of people. The Diamond Pattern Traditional Rectangular Bench with Back even has a wide range of color options available, allowing you to match it with the color scheme of any surroundings. The bench has a durable thermoplastic coating which protects against most common types of damage, including UV damage that would otherwise cause the color to fade.

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