Crawl and Toddle with Brown Plastisol Decking


The Crawl and Toddle with Brown Plastisol Decking has hand holds all over it, making it perfect for the age range 6 months to 2 years. Kids learning to stand and walk will love playing on this unit. The nature color scheme makes the unit great for indoor or outdoor play. Climb up the steps and slide down the slide while playing with the interactive elements throughout the unit. The Plastisol Crawl and Toddle is easy to clean as it has the industry standard brown plastisol coated steel decking. The plastisol coating softens edges and helps regulate temperatures.

Additional information

Age Range

6 to 23 months

Safety Zone

9' 8" x 11' 2"

Fall Height

2' 9"


Playful Color (Blue/Red/Yellow), Natural Color (Green/Tan)


Portable Mount (No Anchors), Surface Mount with Anchors, In-Ground Mount with Anchors