Crawl and Toddle with Blue ComfyTuff Decking


The perfect starting playground, the Crawl and Toddle with Blue ComfyTuff Decking is designed for children ages 6 months to 2 years. Kids can crawl up the step and slide down! Different elements around the unit promote learning and improved motor skills. This unit is great indoors and outdoors! Hand holds all over the unit help children who are learning to stand and walk. The blue ComfyTuff is an easy-to-clean coated foam that can be left outside or in.

Additional information

Age Range

6 to 23 months

Safety Zone

9' 8" x 11' 2"

Fall Height

2' 9"


Playful Color (Blue/Red/Yellow), Natural Color (Green/Tan)


Portable Mount (No Anchors), Surface Mount with Anchors, In-Ground Mount with Anchors