Craggy Series Straight Section

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The Craggy Straight Section is a fundamental part of any Craggy Climber design. It looks great alongside any of the other Craggy Climber sections, and is designed to connect to them easily to form a customizable climbing structure perfectly suited for your playground. Like the other sections, it is made of a durable rotationally molded plastic with a detailed rocky pattern and injection molded grips. Its sturdy materials make this imitation rock wall almost as strong as the real thing. The grips are strategically placed just far enough apart to make climbing somewhat of a challenge without being prohibitively difficult. The Craggy Straight Section also has a couple of holes which can be used as either additional footholds, or windows for children to furtively see what’s on the other side of the wall. Speaking of which, the wall is double sided, so that children can climb on both sides of it at once.

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