Craggy Series Circle End

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The Craggy Circle End is a great way to round off any Craggy Climber piece with style. This is our most picturesque end piece for Craggy Climber walls, giving them a complete, rounded appearance when one is placed on both ends. It bears some resemblance to an alien spacecraft, giving your climbing walls (especially colorful ones) the appearance of belonging to the landscape of a faraway planet. However, creative children will imagine its unusual design as being any number of other things as well. But these pieces are more than simply decorations—like all Craggy pieces, they are made to be climbed. The combination of straight and curved bars offers a unique lattice of places to hold on to, making the Circle End unlike any other climbing surface found on the playground. This piece has extremely durable components as well, allowing it to withstand nearly any weather conditions on earth.

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