Contrabass Chimes

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Designed for children ages 2 to 12 years and Adults, The Contrabass Chimes are some of the largest and most unique items in the Freenotes collection. They are made up of seven anodized aluminum tubes, 4 inches in diameter and ranging from seven to nine feet tall. These monolithic outdoor instruments create a rich, echoing sound somewhere between that of a gong and a wind chime. The set of seven chimes also comes with two metal posts a pair of mallets attached to them by plastic coated steel cables. Since there are four mallets, up to four people can play the chimes at once. There are a variety of ways that the chimes can be arranged, as the mallet posts offer a considerable amount of range. However, the manufacturer recommends arranging them in a horseshoe shape to create a surround-sound effect and noticeable vibrations for anyone standing in the middle of the shape. Additional mallet poles and chimes are also available for purchase separately.

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Age Range

2 to 12 years and Adults

Safety Zone

None required


In-ground, Surface